Thursday, April 3, 2008

Report Graph by Day, Week, Month even Hourly in New features of Analytics

Google Analytics adding new features in its tool continuously, as we know, last time it added New graphic features and language supports in google analytics and a beta version of industry benchmarking and a data-sharing settings page.

Now there is good news for Google Analytics users. Now, users can get reports by day wise, weekly or monthly even hourly in graph format. A new beta version of report by graph is launched by Google Analytics. Let's have look at a snap of beta version of new feature.

You will see these features on dashboard at top or reports. To create a graph report you just simply click on the options. Like, to see the weekly report, just select the date range and click on week option. You will get a a graph of weekly graph report. A snap of example is below:

By this useful and user oriented features, analysts can analyze traffic data easily and customized report more. There is need not to make any excel sheet to create any compared report, by the enabled feature users can easily make comparison.