Thursday, March 6, 2008

Google Analytics features: a beta version of industry benchmarking and a data-sharing settings page

Google Analytics team announced on March, 05 the launch of two related new Google Analytics features:
  • A beta version of industry benchmarking
  • A data-sharing settings page
Both features are designed to give their customers more option and better control over analytics data. On this page, users can choose whether to opt in or opt out of sharing their Analytics data.

When you will sign in for the first time in google analytics after March, 05, analytics system will ask to accept to data sharing. You need not to worry about your data, because this is not sharing individual data with competitors. These data will bucket into industry vertical and then anonymize and aggregate the data. Once you opt in, you will see its effect and use of features after few of weeks to get compared data and reports.

Google is also launching an integration with Audio Ads on March, 05, which discussed in more detail here. All of these features will begin appearing in customer accounts today, though benchmarking reports may take up to a couple weeks to show data.

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