Saturday, November 8, 2008

New look and Special Feature of Google Analytics Dashboard

Let see the new dashboard of Google Analytics, and special feature added to dashboard.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Web Analytics Career Management Guide

Web Analytics Career Management Guide - Slide shows and Tutorial

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Friday, May 2, 2008

How to derive a huge referral traffic?

The latest buzz in the internet world is on social media sites. Many times when you post on these types of sites you can gain top positions in the search engines in, sometimes minutes! The search engines view content on these sites as current cutting edge information that is highly relevant to the viewing public. How long this will last is anyone guess, but for now it definitely pays to get your information out there to generate as much traffic as possible. When last month I experience some social bookmarking site and getting traffic from these sites, I analyzed that social networking sites can generate more traffic and referral visitor for my blog site.

Let some discuss about social sites and networks. In a social bookmarking system, internet users save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share. These social bookmarks are generally public, and can be saved privately, shared only with specified people or groups, shared only inside certain networks, or another combination of public and private domains. Only the allowed people can view these social bookmarks sequentially, by category or tags, or via a search engine.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and Sumpleupon, just to name a few, aren't just for the internet socialite any more. They've captured the interest of many an internet marketer as well, and why not? It's the perfect way to network, meet colleagues and form valuable joint ventures. In a nutshell, these social watering holes can help get the word out about you and your business at nearly warp speed because of the huge volume of visitors they receive.

How you can use social bookmarking sites? Here are some steps:

1. First select the list of social bookmarking sites?
2. Register to these sites.
3. Put your favourite links into these sites.

You can do it yourself, but I know there is do not have enough time or not good knowledge about how to submit and manage? I don’t have also. Because there are a lot of bookmark managers, it takes time to submit. One of the best social bookmarking submission service provider (, I found to submit my favourite links manually in all best 500 bookmarking sites at a very affordable price just only $47. After completion of work it sent to me detailed report and screenshots of work. I got what it says. If you want you can also get this good service. If have more than 5 sites and ordering in bulk, you may get good discount offer. To contact just you need to fill the form with Name, address, and sites details with anchor text which you need to submit. To know more about it before any order, you get read terms of services that are very necessary to take any step to move forward.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Report Graph by Day, Week, Month even Hourly in New features of Analytics

Google Analytics adding new features in its tool continuously, as we know, last time it added New graphic features and language supports in google analytics and a beta version of industry benchmarking and a data-sharing settings page.

Now there is good news for Google Analytics users. Now, users can get reports by day wise, weekly or monthly even hourly in graph format. A new beta version of report by graph is launched by Google Analytics. Let's have look at a snap of beta version of new feature.

You will see these features on dashboard at top or reports. To create a graph report you just simply click on the options. Like, to see the weekly report, just select the date range and click on week option. You will get a a graph of weekly graph report. A snap of example is below:

By this useful and user oriented features, analysts can analyze traffic data easily and customized report more. There is need not to make any excel sheet to create any compared report, by the enabled feature users can easily make comparison.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Google Analytics features: a beta version of industry benchmarking and a data-sharing settings page

Google Analytics team announced on March, 05 the launch of two related new Google Analytics features:
  • A beta version of industry benchmarking
  • A data-sharing settings page
Both features are designed to give their customers more option and better control over analytics data. On this page, users can choose whether to opt in or opt out of sharing their Analytics data.

When you will sign in for the first time in google analytics after March, 05, analytics system will ask to accept to data sharing. You need not to worry about your data, because this is not sharing individual data with competitors. These data will bucket into industry vertical and then anonymize and aggregate the data. Once you opt in, you will see its effect and use of features after few of weeks to get compared data and reports.

Google is also launching an integration with Audio Ads on March, 05, which discussed in more detail here. All of these features will begin appearing in customer accounts today, though benchmarking reports may take up to a couple weeks to show data.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Track Best Traffic Sources of Your Website to Generate More Taffic

For a long time, I was trying to share a tip with my seo friends and readers to increase and generating a huge traffic through SERPs of Google, Yahoo, MSN etc and referral sources. We do many hard work to get top rankings and good traffic without analyzing our traffic sources.

Do you know what is best traffic sources of your website? What the huge traffic comes from to your site? Don't Know but I know about my site. I am getting best traffic from Google by searching a particular phrase and clicking on my website in SERPs by a general user. Another best traffic driven for my site by a Blog business directory. But, MSN is not driving traffic from my site for a long time. Third one good traffic I am getting by direct sources. Infact, direct traffic is appreciable in my opinion.

There are many traffic sources that drives traffic to your site. If you have already a google analytic account, its okey, otherwise, got o first step to sing up. Now you have an account, and want to know the traffic sources. Follow these steps:

Go to Analytic Dashboad.
Click on Traffic Sources to drop down the menu.
Click on All Traffic Sources in dropped menu. You will find a report like this below image:

Now come to the point, if you are getting organic traffic from search engine, what is best driven keywords? For example if a keyword generating 100 click, and is position it 10th rank and another keyword is generating 50 click and is position is 1st rank then which is keyword is best? Obviously first keyword that is generating 100 click at 10th rank position. Try to improve its position, it may generate thousands of clicks for your site rather than targeting other keywords.

Another source getting some referral traffic from best resources like I am getting from directory, you may also get good traffic from web directories, blog directories, best sites etc. There are many directories online created by free directory software, but careful to submit your site in directories. First you should check its traffic value then submit to it. Yes if your website have good reputation and know by general users, obviously you might getting good direct traffic.

After doing these little work, see the change after few days, you will get a much difference between the traffic reports compare than previous stats.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stats of 2007 for screen resolution and browsers to design website for 2008

After analysing my web stats of last year (2007), I found two important website factors that impact your website usability and visibility. One is Website Screen Resolution and second, Browsers used by users to view your website.

Let see the stats graph:

Screen Resolution Stats of 2007

Browsers Stats of 2007

If we analyse those graphs we can conclude that if we our website have according to those factors, its ok to attract the visitors, if not, we need to implement these factors immediate. Those graphs learn to us that our website screen resolution should be of 1024x768px and our website must be Firefox browser compatible.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Paid and Free Web Analytics Tools

There are many Web-analysis tools in the market. Some of the tools are absolutely free, and some of the tools are with trial version for a limited period of time. Like Google Analytics, StatCounter are free tools that help you to improve your website traffic performance are best for small businesses even large enterprises.

Find a Comprehensive List of Paid and Free Web Analytics Tools and Service Providers