Monday, December 10, 2007

How to track Visitor Location?

If you want to know about your visitors location, where they came from? By Google Analytics you can help you to know about visitors location. Location may be City, Country, Territory, Sub Continent Region or Continent. I have already described a Visitor Segmentation Overview, now I am trying to guide you about visitor location they may very much help you to track and target you visitors and make a different business or any strategy that you never plan.

Generally Visitors come through main three resources:

  • Search Engines by using Keywords

  • Referring Websites

  • Direct Click on Site

But in this post I will not describe much about traffic or visitor source because we want to know about how to track visitor location in Google web analytics. Follow some simple steps to track visitor location report.

  1. Click on Visitors in left menu panel.

  2. After Drop down click on Map Overlay.

  3. See right side panel on dashboard you will get a world map with different colors.

When you will put mouse cursor on map you will find a pop image with visits and location name. Below the map you will get a table of listed countries and territories, your vistor,s location. If you want to know about cities of a particular country you will have to click or select one a country. Next report will be name of city location with no. of visits.

For example I am sharing my top 10 visitor's location, from where they came to my blog.

List of Visitor's Location

Chart of Visitor's Location

Buy using report of Visitor Location you can change your plans if you are getting non related visitors or you can make a strong strategy also if you are getting related and targeted visitors and visitor location.


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