Thursday, December 13, 2007

Google Analytics - New graphic features and language supports

Last day I found new features in Analytics Dashboard that have been released within Google Analytics. Google has announced new graphics tools and supported new six languages: Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, Czech, Hungarian, and Portuguese (Portugal). Now you can select any one of the 25 Google Analytics supported languages.

Pulldown Language menu on the Analytics Settings-->My Account page and select language which you prefer or understand.

Now, you can compare data points for date range or compare data points also for two sites. Specially two features added in analytics are

Compare Date Range

Comparison of Two Date Range

Compare Two Metrics

Comparison of Two Metrics

Google Analytics is trying to more effective and easy interaction for its users. By adding graphics features, language supports, tracking features makes its better than other web analytics softwares and application. Additionally, a new feature added in google analytics is ga.js tags that allow you to track e-commerce transactions in a more readable way.

If you are using Google Analytics to track your website traffic you need to update your tracking code installed in website pages by following a simple instruction. If you are ready to update tracking code go -> Analytics Settings >> Profile Settings >> Tracking Code (Check Status - Edit). Copy New Tracking Code (ga.js) and replace with old tracking code.

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