Monday, November 19, 2007

What screen resolution would be best for your website viewing?

Do you know that how does the screen resolution setting effect your visitors? Do you know what website resolution would be best for your website viewing and building also. Many website built in 800x600 screen resolution and others in 1024 x 768. But what screen resolution would be best for your website designing and look. Generally it depends on the requirement of content and displaying products on your website.

Some of the common mostly screen resolution using are:
  • 640 x 480
  • 800 x 600
  • 1024 x 768
  • 1152 x 864
  • 1280 x 1024
  • 1600 x 1200
When I was analyzing screen resolution report for my one of the website by Google analytics, I found that 47.16% visitors view my site in 1024 x 784 screen resolution and only 0.62% peoples are using 1920 x 1200. I have snap shots, let's look at them

There is a pie chart below shows above table report

After analysis of this stats we can conclude that high screen resolutions are better to view a website. If we build out site in large width and hight we can present more content, product detail, other information on out site easily for better visitor interaction. High Resolutions makes the overall screen area large, although individual items appear small. It helps to viewers and visitors to view website and available details clearly without any disturbance.

The aim of me writing this post to guide you how to track screen resolution of your site visitors. Go through these easy steps to create screen resolution report.
  1. Sing In Google Analytics
  2. Go to left side menu panel click on Visitor Segment
  3. Drop down Browser Capabilities
  4. Click on Screen Resolution
  5. Select a range of dates

You will get nice report after following these steps. By this report can take a decision for your website building in perfect screen resolutions. The generate report will look below image:


Unknown said...

I recieved this reply from Google Analytics recently:

Does google analytics pick the maximum resolution value available from the graphics card or the actual resolution being used?

"Thank you for your email and for asking about the screen resolution in your reports. This number is gathered from what the browser reports, which may differ across different browsers."

> This number is gathered from what the browser reports
Ok, but is the number the actual or theoretical limit of the computers screen resolution?

Analytics does not make this determination, so it depends on which browser you are using. For example, the DOM variable "screen.width" is used by Google Analytics to gather the width information from the browser. If you would like to know how each browser makes the width determination, you'd need to investigate the particular browser developer's website.

Still have the question:
Do you know if IE/FF picks the maximum resolution value available from the graphics card or the actual resolution being used.

Thinking it will be quicker to try and code a test than search for the answer, will let you know the results if I get them...

Unknown said...

ok, have mocked up a screen width test

The answer is, it reports the actual width :-)

I came across this as a bit of an urban myth last year (2006) from people anti google analytics because they have a vested (commercial) interest in another package it would seem.

It bugged me because looking at a lot of sites (that are out of date) they still claim design to 760px, now I know with certainty 92% of my vistors will be very ok with a 1024 design, can crush things up in to 760px for that other 8% still on 800px, no need to give anyone a raw deal as I was told over at the .net forumns a while ago when I was thinking around the same issue.

Phew, can let it rest now :-)

cybergrace said...

Wow, I am doing a website for a nursing home and this information was super helpful. THANK YOU amacneil.