Thursday, November 1, 2007

How to select date range in google analytics?

After SignIn in Google Analytics, you reach at Dashboard first. At right corner you see a date range of one month like this image, it a calender to select the date.

This is drop down calender, you can select date for a particular date and also for a range of date like for one week or one months according to your requirement. If you will see below image, notice dark spots in middle, is a selected range for one month stats.

After selection of date click on Apply Range Button, wait for a while, you will get a traffic report described throught graph and other elements.


Unknown said...

I was able to choose a date range until the afternoon of 12/13, when the calendar began displaying up till 12/3/2007 (everything after that was grayed out). Even the dates that weren't grayed out I was unable to pick a range. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Flash player, to no avail. This is happening on both IE and Firefox.

Lambrook said...

I would like to change the default opening date to as long as possible when I fire GA up.
and also for it not to let a user go back to before it started. some people in our organisation don't know when it started, and complain that "it deosn't work" becaues they give too early a start date

it is a great programme.