Sunday, November 11, 2007

How to see Hourly Visits for all visitors?

There are many types of report can be generate through Google Aanlytics for example General Report, Monthly Report, Daily Report, Hourly Report. In this post I am going to describe about Hourly Report. This post will help you to track hourly visitor for today or current.

After analyzing daily visits for all visitors on you site. You wanna to see Hourly visits for all Today visitors: the actual number of unique visitors per hour for the current day. Hourly visit mean to say how many visit and visitor come to your site hourly?, what is average of hourly visitor and moving across on your site? Or Hourly Visitors by % for Week of 'Day 1' to 'Day 7': the percentage of visitors per hour as calculated from the current week.

Google analytics shows hourly visitors in a bar graph plotted, it looks like below image-

By hourly visitor report you can easily track, what time duration or hours are important for your valuable site and what hours and important for your site? In which time duration more visitor come to your site? You can also track what time the server response or other technical support what good or bad for visitors? Hourly report can help you to improve your hourly online visitors and results also.

Now you want to check your hourly visitor report go to google dashboard, select a particular date or range of dates. You will get general visitor report with other details. Click on "Visits", analytic software will generate daily report in bar graph. If you have selected a range of dates you will get report with daily wise. Click on "Hourly" option, look at a snap shot, it may help you better

After clicking on Hourly option you will get hourly report for 24 hours as image shown above. The report tells the details for each and every hour with visit average and and total visits per hours. Look at on below image, it shows a graph for one hour and rest are no graph.

If you could not see any bar in few hours like image above described, it means there are no any visitors during these hours.


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What timezone is used for the hourly chart? I think there needs to be a timezone listed somewhere on the page.

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