Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First Step to Start Using of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics application that is quickly becoming one of the most widely used web analytics tools around. To use its services you need to first sign up for an account. You can use a Google account e.g. Gmail ID or others. Google account can be used for all of its services but have to sign up differently for all services. You can use your any email id you have, like yahoo email id, hotmail email id or any domain hosted email ids e.g.

After creating an google analytics account click on Sing Up>> button

After click on sign up this process will ask you to put a domain name to provide tracking code.

Put a URL which you want to tracking , put an account name. Set time zone for country and time zone. After fill up site detail click on continue button, fill personal information such as last name, fist name, phone no. and country or territory

Next click on continue button, Google will let you know about terms and conditions, you will have to accept it and be continue. Finally click on Create a New Account button, you will get a tracking code in next window. It looks like something-

Copy provided tracking code in text box area and paste in your all website's pages that to you want to track and make sure to paste it into the body section of your HTML code, immediately before the closing body tag. After copy and paste this code you have to just verify the code by click in check status button.

After check status done, you will have to wait at least 24 hours to gathering data for website by Google Analytics. Google Analytics generally updates your reports every 24 hours.

Next step detail for Google Web Analytics will be available in next post. Read continue.


Unknown said...

It seems that the web analytics is site specific. If you have an MCMS server with 5 sites, would it be possible to bind the analytics on the IP or main site? Or do you need an account for all 5 sites.

Another question would be could you use the same account for all 5 sites?

Unknown said...

You can use same account for all 5 sites.

Beta Search said...

Hi Suresh,

Can you let me know if i can use an already existing tracking code with a new gmail id so i will not miss on the old traffic so far generated.